Andrew Maxwell

Apogee Titles:

Andrew Maxwell is interested in meta-literature and compressed forms. For the last decade, he has worked as a taxonomist and manager of classification and machine learning initiatives at Google in Los Angeles, where he is also a radio DJ and co-director of the Poetic Research Bureau, a valise fiction and reading salon in the arts district of Chinatown. From 1997-2005, he published a journal of poetry and translation, The Germ, with Macgregor Card.

Maxwell has released several small collections of poems, lists and epigrammatic writing on the PRB imprint – portable, artisanal items meant to pass hand to hand in limited quantity. He typically underwrites his small collections with the simple initial A, as impediment to indexability, and in tribute to other minor/maker poets like David Schubert and Wallace Berman.

Read excerpts from Peeping Mot here.