Cole Swensen

Apogee Title(s):

Cole Swensen's previous books include Try, winner of the Iowa Poetry Prize and the San Francisco State Poetry Center Book Award, and published by the University of Iowa Press in 1999, and Noon, winner of Sun & Moon's New American Poetry Award and published by that press in 1997. Numen, published by Burning Deck Press in 1995, was a finalist for the Pen West Award in Poetry, and another earlier book, New Math, was selected in the National Poetry Series in 1987. Her ninth collection of poetry, Goest (Alice James Books, 2004) was a finalist for the National Book Award.

She also translates contemporary French poetry, fiction and art criticism, and has received grants from the French National Bureau du Livre and from Fondation Beaumarchais as well as residencies at the Camargo Foundation and the Atelier Cosmopolite at Royaumont. Her translation of Jean Frémon’s The Island of the Dead won the 2004 PENUSA Literary Award for Translation.

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